Thursday, February 19, 2009

Intel SLI vs. Nvidia SLI

HOW MUCH is the NF200 chip worth to your PC? Future Looks is comparing SLI with and without the Nvidia SLI chip. The whole experience shows little gain in standard SLI, in favour of Nvidia's solution. There's little to get excited unless you go for Tri-SLI. Kingston's HyperX T1 tri-channel 3GB and 6GB kits are on review at Legit Reviews. This is rated DDR3-2000 for Core i7 operation and uses some fancy new aluminium heatsinks to keep things cool.

OCaholic is reviewing a Zalman CPU cooler, the CNPS9900 LED. You'll be shocked at how much heat this shaves off the CPU. Mouse pads won't keep you awake at night, but some gamers need the extra slide for their sniping. Enter the Slidamat Platinum R, on review at XS Reviews.Legion Hardware is a bit disappointed with the Asus Extreme HD 4870 X2 TOP. For all Asus' reputation, it fails to deliver on something novel.

XBit Labs gathered some 320GB 2.5-inch HDDs. Hitachi, Fujitsu and Seagate have their pros and cons, and none get to trump the others in benchmarks.Techware Labs is going over an Asus S101 netbook. This one comes with a 64GB SSD which gives it a little boost in boot times and... price.Bit Tech has written up a guide to TIM - or thermal interface material for you there in the back. Personally we prefer the credit card approach over the "finger in a plastic film".

Metku Mods is reviewing Swiftech's H20-220 Apex Ultima Plus. This is the company's top-range kit in the liquid cooling business, and it performs that way...

If you're in the business of merchandising/customisation, you might like the DV Hardware article about PromoLocker and their Custom USB drives. Tom's Hardware Store is testing a bunch of SDHC cards and proving that the Speed Class convention is moot. Some interesting things you can do with these, like installing an OS, or running portable apps...

OCIA is testing the Cooler Master Storm Sniper PC case. Lots of airflow and an affordable price gave it OCIA's top award. Ninjalane is reviewing the Sapphire HD 4670 with GDDR4 memory. Great value and low power in this card, says William. If not for geekish curiousity, IT Reviews has a 2-pager on Dell's PowerEdge R900, 24-core Xeon server. A mere £17454...

Hot Hardware is playing around with a Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q725 gaming notebook. Chunky plastic look aside, it harbours some impressive hardware. OCZ's Vertex SSD is under scrutiny at PC Perps. These SSDs break in a custom ARM-based controller and RAM for caching, to good effect, says Ryan.

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