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Panduan Materi Matematika SMA/MA

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal dan pembahasan soal matematika SMA/MA yang saya kutip dari BALITBANG-DEPDIKNAS untuk dowload click disini isinya berupa pdf

Prediction test of UAN Match 2008/2009

UN for junior high school 2009, base on, below is some important file for SMP, below file is prediction test for UAN, is your browser enabled flash and embed object below the list for dowload click here.

Kangean Energy Indonesia

Safety, Health & Environment

Kangean takes safety, health and environment issues seriously. It is reflected in the company's accomplishment and what it strives for in these fields.

- accident free operation & maintenance activities
- KEI safety achieved 15.000.000 hours without LTA (Loss Time Accident) in O&M (Operation & Maintenance) activities
- Awarded Indonesia's most caring companies 2006 (Warta Ekonomi Safety Award)

- Provides healthy and safe work environment for employees
- Monitors noise level in work place
- Provides PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for employees
- Monitors employees' health condition on regular basis

- KEI holds ISO - 14001 since 2001
- Rehabilitated the coast of pagerungan Island by way of Mangrove planting

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Yahoo cuts data retention to three months

By : Kim Dixon

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Search engine Yahoo! Inc will cut to three months the time it stores personal data gathered from Web surfing, making its retention policy the shortest among peers, the company said on Wednesday.

The company will "anonymize" the computer addresses of its users within three months in most cases, from a prior standard of 13 months. It is reserving the right to keep data for up to six months if fraud or system security are involved.

Internet search companies have come under pressure from European and other data protection officials to do more to protect the privacy of users.

Earlier this year, industry leader Google Inc halved the amount of time it stores personal data to nine months. Microsoft Corp has said it will cut the time to six months if its rivals did the same.

"Google first went to 18 months and started this competition," said Ari Schwartz, vice president at the Center for Democracy and Technology, a privacy advocacy group.

Yahoo's pledge is "significant because they are getting rid of some data after 90 days and they actually have an implementation plan to get this done," he added.

The company is also expanding the scope of the data it is making anonymous, to include page and advertisement clicks and views, from just search log data alone.

The European Union has recommended that companies keep data no more than six months and urged the sector to adopt an industry-wide standard.

"This was our attempt to put a stake in the ground" on the issue, Yahoo vice president of policy and privacy chief Anne Toth said.

Internet search engines get their revenue by matching advertisements to searches, so advertisers can peg their ads to what is on the searcher's mind.


Microsoft said it welcomed the move, but made a distinction between the timeframe and the method of making data anonymous.

Yahoo will delete the final segment of the Internet Protocol (IP) address, which it said makes it no longer unique or identifiable.

Microsoft is deleting all of the Internet address, which it said will break any potential link to a particular set of search queries, according to Brendon Lynch, director of privacy strategy at the software giant.

"The best anonymization is to get rid of all the identifying information," Schwartz said. "We are still not there on an industry standard."

Google reiterated in a statement its current policy of nine months and said it is "continually evaluating" its policies with respect to privacy., owned by IAC/InterActiveCorp., recently offered customers the ability to "opt out" of having their information stored for more than a few hours.

Yahoo's Toth said the company is not considering such a policy.

Once the companies make commitments on data retention, they are enforceable under federal and state laws in the United States, Schwartz added.

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Greening Your Ho-Ho-Ho

by : Penny Bonda

My friend, Trudy Dujardin, a truly green and elegant interior designer, sent me a holiday card with a list of suggestions for a sustainable holiday season. I thought they were so good I’m passing them on to you.

Simple Steps for a Sustainable Holiday Season
  1. A gift is a thoughtful gesture and the same sentiment can be shown in sustainable ways. Consider exchanging time instead of gifts with the elderly or lonely during the holiday season, or making a sustainable donation to a local charity with the money you save.
  2. Put your money to work helping others and the planet with a life-changing gift such as Heifer International or Christian Children's Fund.
  3. Be socially conscious with gifts that promote fair trade.
  4. Use energy-efficient, LED holiday lights to add sparkle. (Install a timer!)
  5. Give locally made products, help reduce the impact of transportation.
  6. Purchase greeting cards printed on recycled materials with vegetable-based, non-toxic inks, or send email greetings.
  7. Give gifts such as gift certificates or theater tickets--they don't require a lot of gift wrapping. Avoid wrapping with glossy or metallic paper. Colorful fabric or reusable gift bags are an environmentally friendly alternative.
  8. Choose toys that do not require batteries; instead choose gifts that stimulate a child's imagination without impacting the environment.

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Migrate Data From PC to Mac

by : Christopher Breen,

Reader Steve Negrete is about to undertake a delicate operation. He writes:

My parents have had a Windows PC for many years but I've finally talked them into buying a Mac. The problem is they expect me to move their data from the old PC to the Mac. Do you have any recommendations for the best way to do this?

It just so happens that I performed this very task for my aunt just last weekend. And performed it successfully, I might add.There are many ways to do this--some free (depending on the gear you own) and others not quite as free.

If you have a spare external hard drive with a USB interface you can use it to copy your parents' files from the PC to the Mac. First, format the drive so that it can be used on the PC. To do so, plug the hard drive into the Mac, launch Disk Utility (found in the Utilities folder), select the drive in the left pane of the Disk Utility window, click the Erase tab, from the Volume Format pop-up menu choose MS-DOS (FAT), and click Erase. (And yes, this will erase all the data on the drive so be sure there's nothing on that drive you want.) With the drive formatted for Windows, unmount it from the Mac, plug it into the PC, and copy the files you want from the PC to the hard drive. Unmount, drag it back to the Mac, plug it in, copy from hard drive to Mac, done.

This is a fine solution if you know where to find all the files on the PC and have the patience to archive email message, export bookmarks (termed Favorites in Internet Explorer), and sift through this corner or that to ensure you have all the files you need before setting fire to the PC.

If you're without an external drive you can create a quick-and-dirty network between the two computers by stringing an Ethernet cable between them, switching on file sharing, and copying the files from Computer A to Computer B. Doing so requires that you know something about file sharing on both platforms (online help on each computer will explain how) and, again, you'll need to know where to find the files you're after.

A less-free-to-the-tune-of-US$50 option is Belkin's $50 Switch-To-Mac Cable. This is the solution I used because I had one and wanted to see how it worked. I'm pleased to say that it was a breeze. The gist is this:

You install Belkin's software on both the Mac and Windows PC (OS X 10.4 or later and Windows XP or Vista required). For the most part, the Mac software does the work. There you tell the application the kinds of files you want to copy from the PC to the Mac. You can choose music, photos, email, contacts, calendars, documents, wallpaper, and Internet Explorer Favorites as well as the contents of the PC's Desktop and the contents of a folder you've chosen. Once you've set up the software, string the included cable between USB ports on each computer (transfer will happen more quickly over a USB 2.0 port on each computer but it works with USB 1.0 on a PC too). Then tell the Mac version of the application to work its magic and it does so by copying files from the PC to the Mac.

It doesn't just fling files into a folder on your Mac but rather files them where they should be. Your Desktop files, for example, appear on the Desktop of your Mac in a folder labeled with the name of your PC. Music files are moved directly into iTunes. Photos are copied to iPhoto. Favorites become bookmarks in Safari. Outlook mail is shuttled to Apple's Mail just as Outlook's calendars appear in iCal and addresses show up in Address Book.

For a one-time job I can see how this $50 solution might be a little off-putting but, Great Googly Moogly, it is slick and easy. Were I required to do this thing more than a handful of times, I'd consider it money well spent. (Or I might just demand the necessary $50 from a relative or friend who requested my help for this kind of operation.)

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Top 10 All-Purpose Laptops

These laptops can do it all and are a great choice for most notebook users. Ratings and rankings can change due to pricing and technology changes, so check back frequently for the latest info.

by Darren Gladstone

1. Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 (2743-25U)

2. Micro Express JFL9226

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Y510

4. Samsung X460

5. HP Compaq 6530b

6. Sony VGN-NR485

7. Toshiba Satellite A305-S6864

8. Gateway MC7803u

9. Gammatech Durabook D15TS

10. Fujitsu LifeBook E8410

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Kumpulan Soal Matematika SMP - SMU

Berikut adalah kumpulan soal matematika untuk SMP dan SMU beserta jawaban dan penjelasan jawaban.

Anda bisa download di ato bisa di kumpulan soal matematika untuk

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the application of physical science (e.g. chemistry and physics), withmathematics, to the process of converting raw materials or chemicals into more useful or valuable forms. In addition to producing useful materials, chemical engineering is also concerned with pioneering valuable new materials and techniques, an important form of research and development. A person employed in this field is called a chemical engineer.

Chemical engineering largely involves the design and maintenance of chemical processes for large-scale manufacture. Chemical engineers in this branch are usually employed under the title of process engineer.

source :

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings.[1][2][3] Civil engineering is the oldest engineering discipline after military engineering,[4] and it was defined to distinguish non-military engineering from military engineering.[5] It is traditionally broken into several sub-disciplines including environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering,structural engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, coastal engineering,[4]surveying, and construction engineering.[6] Civil engineering takes place on all levels: in the public sector from municipal through to federal levels, and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies.

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Kegiatan-Kegiatan Yang Dilaksanakan Pada Program Lovely December 2008

1. Soft Launching (Pembukaan Lovely December 2008) pada saat Mangrara Banua Tongkonan di Siguntu', tanggal 22 Agustus 2008.

2. Kegiatan-kegiatan:
2.1 Kemah Wisata bersama Pramuka (minggu pertama Juli 2008) di Batutumonga, Kecematan Sesean Suloara'.
2.2 Lomba Dodo' Pandin Pariwisata (tanggal 25 November 2008), di Art Centre Rantepao.
2.3 Kebersihan Kabupaten Tana Toraja dilaksanakan mulai tanggal 1 Desember 2008. Setiap hari Jumat dilaksanakan kegiatan JUMAT BERSIH bersama masyarakat.
2.4 Green Toraja, penghijauan objek-objek wisata (minggu pertama Agustus 2008 - 26 November 2008).
2.5 Pantas Tari / Seni Tradisional oleh Kabupaten / Kota se Sulawesi Selatan dan Prov. Kalimantan Selatan (tanggal 01 - 27 Desember 2008) di Art Centre Rantepao.
2.6 Kontes Kerbau (tanggal 20 Desember 2008) di Lapangan Bakti Rantepao.
2.7 Festival lagu lagu nuansa Natal dan lagu lagu Toraja (tanggal 20 s/d 22 Desember) di Art Centre Rantepao. Peserta kelompok paduan suara, vokal grup dan solo, pemuda dan pelajar.
2.8 Penyalaan lampu Natal pada setiap rumah, kantor dan instansi pemerintah mulai dari Salubarani (Perbatasan Tana Toraja Enrekang) sampai di Kaleakan (Poros Tana Toraja - Palopo) tanggal 01 Desember 2008 - 10 Januari 2009.
2.9 Festival Sungai Mai'ting pada tanggal 23 Desember 2008.
2.10 Festival Busana Daerah Toraja (Grand Final) pada tanggal 24 Desember 2008.
2.11 Pameran Kerajinan Khas Daerah (tanggal 21 s/d 25 Desember).
2.12 Upacara permakaman Rambu Solo' di kecematan Tondon:

- Tondon Matallo, Kecematan Tondon dimulai tanggal 16 Desember 2008;

- Tondon Marante, Kecematan Tondon dimulai tanggal 22 Desember 2008;

- Desa Langi', Kecematan Tondon dimulai tanggal 28 Desember 2008;

- Desa Panga', Kecematan Kesu' dimulai tanggal 26 Desember 2008;

3. Grand Launching Lovely December 2008 (24 Desember 2008).
3.1 Upacara - Tari Kolosal 500 orang siswa di lapangan Makodim Rantepao;
3.2 Peresmian proyek-proyek se Sulawesi Selatan;
3.3 Sisemba' Massal;
3.4 Natal Bersama, masyarakat Toraja dengan Presiden RI (jam 18.00 WITA, di halaman Gereja Besar Rantepao).

Rantepao, 05 Desember 2008

Kepala Dinas Parawisata, Seni dan Budaya
Kabupaten Tana Toraja

source :

Tribe of Toraja

Toraja tribe is the tribe that settled in the mountainous northern part of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Population is estimated around 600,000 people. They also lived in a flat Luwu and West Sulawesi.

Toraja first name given by the Bugis from Sidenreng and Luwu. People Sidenreng labeling of the population of this area with a Riaja to the meaning, "People who stayed in the country or on the mountain," people are compelled to Luwu Riajang means is that "people who dwelt in the west." There is also another version of that word's origin Toraya = But (people), from the word Raya = Maraya (large), meaning most people, noblemen. Old-started Toraja designation has become, and the word means Tana country, so that the residence Toraja tribe known then by Tana Toraja.

Tana Toraja region also held Tondok Lili'na Lepongan Bulan Tana Matari'allo meaning harfiahnya is "State of round as the moon and sun." This area is inhabited by one ethnic group (ethnicity Toraja).

Toraja Utara Regency

Toraja Utara district is a district in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Rantepao is the capital. This district was formed based on Law No. 28 Year 2008, which is the separation from Tana Toraja regency.

Regency Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja Regency is a district in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The district capital is Makale. This district has a total area 1,990 km ² and has as many as 248,607 people.

Toraja tribe that inhabit the mountain regions and maintain the lifestyle and still shows the typical lifestyle of Austronesian indigenous culture and similar to Nias. This region is one of the objects of tourism in South Sulawesi

The splitting

Based on Law No. 28 Year 2008, the northern districts is split into Toraja Utara Regency .

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Windows XP: The OS That Won't Quit

By : Shane O'Neill

Phasing out an old operating system is nothing new for Microsoft, but Windows XP is unique in that it may be too good to die.

This week, Dell announced it will offer systems with the aging Windows XP for a surcharge of US$150 over the newer Windows Vista--this only five months after it stopped offering XP on its Inspiron consumer desktop and laptop PCs.

The deadline for Windows XP downgrades has been pushed back twice now, remaining in effect until July 31, 2009-a strong indication that enough users want to stay with the aging XP rather than give Vista a chance.

Though market share for Windows XP dropped nearly 10 percent in 2008 as Vista slowly made gains, XP still has a market share of 66 percent, according to Web metrics company Net Applications.

XP downgrade fees from Dell and other OEMs will no doubt continue to irk customers in 2009, while businesses that want to stay with Windows XP will do the downgrades themselves. Industry analysts agree that Microsoft's downgrade fees are a minor problem compared to the bigger problem of so many users still wanting an older, now discontinued OS on hardware that it wasn't designed for.

Don't Penalize XP, Incentivize Vista

Industry analyst Rob Enderle, president of tech consulting firm the Enderle Group, says the XP downgrade fees will ultimately be counter-productive and possibly disastrous for Microsoft because they trade off short-term revenue for long-term customer loyalty.

"The fix for this should be to focus like lasers on demand generation for Vista but instead Microsoft is focusing aggressively on financial penalties," Enderle says. "Forcing customers to go someplace they don't want to go by raising prices is a Christmas present for Apple and those that are positioning Linux on the desktop."

As the economic recession deepens in 2009, the price of laptops and desktops, as with all retail items, will be closely watched by consumers and businesses. A recent IDC report predicts that the price of PCs will drop by close to 10 percent in 2009.

Enderle said the XP downgrade charge and the resulting pressure to move to Vista will put a magnifying glass on Microsoft in the coming year. "Instead of charging a penalty for XP, Microsoft should provide incentives for Vista," he says. "They are too focused on margins for one product and are forgetting the damage they are doing to their brand."

Worse than the downgrade fees is taking away a buyer's freedom of choice, says Roger Kay, president of consulting and research firm Endpoint Technologies. "People never like being 'forced' to do anything. They tend to resent it," he says.

Is Windows 7 the Solution?

Vista's successor, Windows 7, has been regarded as a solution to the Vista stigma, although whether or not users choosing XP over Vista is enough to move up the Windows 7 ship is still anyone's guess. Enderle predicts that Microsoft will change its estimated Windows 7 ship date of January 2010 and drop it sometime next year.

"Windows 7 is designed to fix this problem [the Vista stigma], but it will need stronger demand generation marketing than Microsoft has yet proven it can provide," Enderle says.

Kay, on the other hand, is not convinced that customer reliance on XP and the shunning of Vista affects Microsoft's OS release schedule. "Sinofsky [Windows senior VP Steven Sinofsky] is pretty clear about how his process works. Windows 7 code won't ship until it's ready."

Charging users for Windows XP downgrades may be Microsoft's short-term solution to drive users to Vista and Windows 7, but what else should the software giant do to get its customers to move forward?

Enderle says it's mostly a matter of better marketing. "They have to step up to Apple-level demand generation marketing and work to remove the stigma from Vista more aggressively," he says. "They had an interesting start earlier this year with the Mojave project but it seems to have tailed off of late and Apple continues to out execute them sharply."

As Windows XP fees add up and the OS continues to get pulled from OEMs, the desire to keep using the OS will likely wane in 2009. But that the desire is there at all should be disconcerting for Microsoft, says Enderle.

"Were this Apple, you wouldn't have the option to use an old OS at all. Granted you probably wouldn't want to, which speaks to the problem here."

Can Microsoft Juggle Three Operating Systems?

By : Shane O'Neil

Microsoft's tricky balancing act in 2009 will be to phase out Windows XP while boosting demand for Windows Vista and building anticipation for Windows 7.

Compounding this challenge is that Vista has been Microsoft's most embattled operating system, and though recent reports say that Vista has improved over the past year, there are also reports of a growing indifference from users. Many are sticking with Windows XP for now (or even requesting to "downgrade" to XP with new computer purchases) with the hope that Windows 7 will be more nimble and efficient than Vista.

Recent market share numbers from Net Applications Inc. show that Microsoft's market share is slipping with both Windows and the Internet Explorer browser, while companies like Apple and Mozilla keep making incremental gains. A silver lining in the Net Applications report is that Vista grew its market share in November and cracked the 20 percent mark for the fist time as Windows XP fell 1.81 percent.

With the definite release of Internet Explorer 8 and the possible release of Windows 7 happening in 2009, plus Microsoft's aggressive push into cloud computing with the Windows Azure operating system, the coming year looks to be a pivotal one for the software giant.

Keeping the Windows 7 Hype Machine on Low

So far, the hype surrounding Windows 7 has been kept to a minimum by Microsoft, likely an effort not to repeat the over-hyping that hurt Vista's release. Playing it cool with Windows 7 will also give Vista some breathing room as Windows XP slowly becomes less prevalent.

Tim Bajarin, president of consulting firm Creative Strategies, says that the potential conflict of enhancing demand for Vista while raising awareness about Windows 7 "does not seem to be impacting new sales of Vista on PCs. In fact, pushing Windows 7 appears to be keeping people from downsizing to Windows XP at the business and consumer level as people are now anticipating upgrading to 7 in the near future, and it is not worth the trouble to go back to XP."

The low-key marketing of Windows 7 is a smart tactic, says Michael Cherry, analyst with Directions on Microsoft, but warns that Microsoft should not become standoffish about the value of Windows 7.

"They are being much more low-key in discussing the features of Windows 7 to put the Windows team in a position where they have under-promised and hopefully can over-deliver," Cherry says. "But Microsoft has to begin to share information with partners and customers to help reduce any potential compatibility issues."

Though Cherry believes Vista is not as bad as its reputation, he thinks that with Windows 7 Microsoft needs "to do a better job of telling customers what hardware they truly need to run the OS, and they have to be able to articulate the value of upgrading to both consumers and businesses."

Windows 7 Release: Sooner Is Better

Microsoft has not given an official release date for Windows 7, but has said publicly that it expects to ship it within three years of the January 2007 consumer release of Windows Vista.

Gartner Research has predicted that Microsoft will ship Windows 7 in time for the 2009 holiday season, which would require shipment to take place around August 2009.

Gartner analyst Michael Silver expects that Microsoft will try to differentiate Windows 7 from Vista by keeping ship date hype to a minimum and then delivering earlier than anticipated.

"If they don't give a date, it's harder for people to say they were late," Silver says.

Bajarin believes that Microsoft needs to ship Windows 7 as fast as possible and move quickly to start getting all of their PC users to upgrade. "If it is ready by mid-2009 as many believe it can be, there is no reason to delay it."

Another benefit of shipping Windows 7 as soon as possible, says Bajarin, is it could quash the lingering stigma of Vista.

He adds, "As long as Windows 7 is rock solid when it is released and gets good reviews, the Vista stigma will most likely fade away quickly."

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Increase Website Profit Online with Online SEO and Marketing Content

By Peter Nisbet in SE Optimization
You can easily increase you website profit online if you have the right marketing content and use good online SEO to promote it. The benefit of good online search engine optimization is that it can earn you an avalanche of free traffic through high search engine listings, while at the same time pointing prospects to some good online content.
The question is what is that content, and what online SEO should you be using? The answer to the first part of that question is obvious: the content you use must relate to the topic of your web page, and each web page must be optimized for one keyword, and one keyword only. Where most people fail with their online marketing is that they try to be all things to all people, and are not specific enough in targeting prospects to the right website pages.
To increase web profit online, it is essential that your marketing content is highly focused to the topic or product in hand, and that your online SEO is spot on, missing none of the elementary aspects of SEO, while taking advantage of the more advanced search engine optimization techniques that the vast majority either ignore or are unaware of. You can’t do much about other people’s ignorance, but you can sure take advantage of it!
Doing so, however, might take some specialized information on online SEO techniques and how to apply them to your advantage. You will no doubt be aware of the simple Meta tag rules, and how to use heading tags in your body content, but how are you with internal linking strategies, or being able to lead spiders by the nose around your whole website exactly as you want them to visit each page? No? Then you have a lot to learn.
Intimate knowledge and understanding of search engine optimization techniques such as the correct use of the ‘nofollow’ and ‘noindex’ tags can be critical to your success. The same is true of an understanding of latent semantic analysis and how Google is applying it to the Bigdaddy algorithm. How about the correct use of images, video and Flash? Are you fully conversant of how Google looks upon these? Probably not, because it might surprise you to know that Flash is not what is used to be in the eyes of Google spiders, and that the vast majority still does not know how to properly use images to their maximum benefit.
Marketing content is also very important, and writing articles is an excellent way to generate content both for your web pages and to use on article directories to advertise them. You will sell nothing if your web pages get no visitors, and two of the best ways to achieve that are to get a good listing on search engines for your main keyword and to publish articles that contain an advert for the relevant web pages in the author’s resource.
Marketing content can also be in the form of well written and SEO optimized articles, and in order to increase web profit online you must have good search engine optimized marketing content. Without that you are dead in the water, because your web pages will never be listed on Google, which is the most important of the search engines.
So, focus on your online SEO and your marketing content and you will increase your web profit online as a result of that. It is not as simple as you might have been led to believe, but if you can find the right mentor then you should find it a fairly simple task as long as you have a reasonable product and know how to market it online.

Interior Design Society To Offer Design Technology Training In High Point

By: Furniture World Magazine

The Interior Design Society announced that they will be offering a series of training seminars that will focus on design-related computer technologies. These seminars will begin this October market and will cover many topics that will address the needs of interior design professionals trying to compete in an ever-changing high-tech world.
Pamela White, Chief Executive of the Interior Design Society said that their members need and want to learn new skills that they will be able to adopt in their own professional lives. “In listening to our designers in the field, they are looking for resources that will help them take that creative ‘vision’ in their heads and turn it into a ‘visual presentation’ that will help their clients see, understand and ultimately want that design vision”.
The first in the Design Technology series will focus on using ViewIT’s, an internet-based application that lets the designer customize their client’s project spaces in a virtual world. Using 3-D models of real products and materials they can quickly see how all the design elements work together in the space, and then create a professional presentation – complete with visuals to help in selling the project. “3Dream is an amazing piece of technology, and the ability to ‘see it’ before they (the clients) ‘buy it’ will make a huge difference in increasing the designer’s profits and client satisfaction”, Pamela added.
While seminars at markets may introduce or simply mention various pieces of technology, it is not the same as actually having a hands-on experience, and walking away with a much-desired skill they can use as soon as they get home. All attendees will receive 1month free access to, and may win a full year by competing in the “Speed Design” competition – a $400 value. Future training seminars will include Power Point for presentations, QuickBooks for designers, Cool Web sites for designers and other relevant topics.
The 3Dream training seminars will take place on Monday Oct. 20th during the High Point market, and held at the Interior Design Society’s new facilities on the 8th floor of the Radio Building (Commerce and Elm). The cost is $59 ($49 for IDS members) and includes computer equipment. Seating is limited, with reservations required. The 2-hour classes are open to anyone in the design and retail industries wanting to offer their customers more. Co-sponsored by Greenhouse Design Fabrics.
For more information, or to sign up call Erin Woody, IDS Director of Education at

(888) 884-4469 ext. 224, or email


For a manufacturer that has long been playing in the world of graphics card, Prolink still orient ¬ products to its entry-level class. With Pixelview GeForce 9600 GSO 384 MB DDR3, Prolink try to further explore the world of gaming. However, a somewhat pitied Prolink is cooperating with the graphics card is effectively the equipment available.
In the test conducted on the graphics card, the results are still quite low if compared with other products that classmates.
Although the test results are not so impressive, this graphics card shows the level of stability during the process of testing progress. Performance of the ordinary course, Prolink balanced with the compensation price.
It is interesting from the graphics card is on the testing done overclocking. The increase GPU core is 600 Mhz of 550 MHz and memory speed of 850 Mhz from 800 MHz to provide increased performance significantly.

Unfortunately, the opportunities for higher overclocking, it seems to me this card can not meet these demands. One that needs to be longer for the MOSFET is that there is no use HSF, although the heat generated can still be tolerated.

Conclusion: Judging from the test results, seems oriented towards this graphics card for users who have a relatively tight budget, but want a graphics card with a taste GeForce 9600 GSO. A graphics card that has a relatively good performance for entry-level class, especially with the price valued the relative economic power into pull apart.

Source: CHIP 07/2008
Author: Sony Hanifudin

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Huawei U121

Huawei has a new entry-level handset called the U121. The phone comes with pretty simple features, but it looks good and qualitative, especially since it's made of stainless steel. It is currently only available in Russia.

Features of the Huawei U121 include:

* 1.3Mpix camera;
* Support for video calls;
* Integrated FM radio;
* microSD memory card slot;
* 3.5mm headphone jack;
* Audio and video playback;
* miniUSB port;
* 3G connectivity

Faster DOS Printing

If you are experiencing slow printing for DOS programs with Windows 2000
1.Go Start | Run | Regedit

2.Click Hkey_Local_Machine

3.Click on System

4.Click CurrentControlSet

5.Click Control

6.Go to the bottom of this part of the list and click WOW

7.Click LPT timeout and change it to a 3

Few of the Open source

written by: Samuel Prakoso

Keeping in the Era of Open Source

Open Source is a new system of distributing software to provide users with the program and its source code for free! Even users can learn and make modifications to the software in accordance with their needs.
Richard M. Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, an organization that supports the Open Source, issued a license for the software, called Open Source GPL (GNU Public License). License is currently the most widely used to distribute software Open Source. In addition to LPG, there are many others that license the software developed by the Open Source community.

Here are the advantages of Open Source software:

The user side:

* Free
* Users can be involved in the development of the program because it has
* Source code of its
* A good response from the user so that the bug can be found and
* Repaired more quickly.

Side developers:

* All the communities want and can help to make your software
* Become better
* No advertising costs and treatment programs
* As a means to introduce the concept of you

Linux is a good example. Many operating system that seeks to mimic the success story of Linux, but Linux remains the most successful to date. The positive aspects of Open Source is a broad acceptance for the software that is really good. But the advantage was not enough, especially for people who are working with the program (a programmer), they need money to continue the development of their software (and to eat, of course).
Perhaps some of the readers think, this is insane, if we share, we share the software with free, how can we survive? How can we make money? But wait, there are several ways that can be used to generate money from the economy this Open Source. But it is important to note that software is only good that can survive and make money, the program can not survive bad (unless you force people to buy them!). Here are a few of them:

* Selling the program and the source code and manual book in a box, the program
* Is free if users want to download them yourself, but
* Users must pay to get a commercial product.
* Selling additional programs that utilize high-level technical programs
* Open Source you.
* Sale and technical support to help users use the product
* It.
* Selling services to customize the program in accordance with the needs of users.
* On the ads on the software.
* Looking for sponsorship from companies associated with software
* Made.

That is a small example of how money from the Open Source software, as you can imagine, the Open Source not only benefit the users, but also profitable for developers. I think this is a win-win solution. So how are you?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

History of Linux

History of Linux

Embryo birth linux starts at the end of 1960 on a company AT & T (American Telephone and Telegraph). At that time, AT & T is collaborating with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), working with the operating system called "multics." Multics have many problems, is the biggest problem that issued the high cost to run it on Mainframe General Electric (GE 645). Any further developments to be unsatisfactory.
However the use of the Multics still be maintained because of the ability to offer Multi (together). The programmers must work together and exchange information easily, and they want to be separated from the problem in cost. Along with the development of the financial and competitive, the group tried to find a suitable replacement for multics.
Ken Thompson, one of the members of the group, AT & T, began designing a game called "Space travel", unfortunately, this also games of the costs spent to be played. When Thompson found a digital computer PDP-7, along with friend Dennis Ritchie course, they rewrite the game in assembler and move them by using paper tape. In the development of the game they have put the "command interpreter" and a number of basic commands to copy and move files, fie.
Early 1970, Brian Kerningham, a developer from other AT & T proposed the name "Unix" as another word from the Minix (equipment to teach programming). The reporting an embryo an operating system called "Unix". Team Unix developers ask PDP-11 computer to the management of AT & T, the engine that is more a respite from the PDP-7, but the cheaper cost of all that they should remove before.
Unix source of all it code made with the C language is easier to developer so in a short period of Unix may be growing, and two flow formation: namely that of Unix developed by the University of Berkeley and developed the AT & T. The longer, more and more companies participating involved, so there was competition among companies to hold control of the system operasi.Competition a need for quality standards, so was born the project named 'POSIX' suport by the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) specifications that will set the standard Unix. in fact, with these standards can not stay lull the competition that arose that resulted from the different variants of Unix.
Minix source code is created as a variant of Unix created by Andy and S Tanembaum for the purpose of education is to be Linus Torvalds as a reference to Opeating create a system that can work as the Unix computer 386. In making Linux, Linus using tools from the Free Software Foundation's GNU that license. So that the new operating system generally intact, Linus also add programs that license GNU. Linus created Linux as a hobby eventually produce the first version of Linux, the Linux version 0.0.1, after the improvement in the 0:02 version of Linux and is the official first announced widely to the public. Oct. 5 at the 1991 Linus announced the code source.
Linux can already released the first run bash shell, the GNU C compiler, GNU make, the GNU Sed, etc. completed. This project linux commandeer the attention of so many programmers in the entire world that eventually participate to develop linux. 'Linux' so can the hacker is a project that is very valuable in history - and freely distributed source code and its world wide.


If you get an error that NTLDR is not found during bootup,

If you have FAT32 partitions, it is much simpler than with NTFS.
Just boot with a Win98 floppy and copy the NTLDR or NTDETECT.COM files
from the i386 directory to the root of the C:\ drive.


1. Insert and boot from your WindowsXP CD.
2. At the first R=Repair option, press the R key
3. Press the number that corresponds to the correct location for the installation of Windows you want to repair.
Typically this will be #1
4. Enter in the administrator password when requested
5. Enter in the following commands (X: is replaced by the actual drive letter that is assigned to the CD ROM drive.
COPY X:\i386\NTLDR C\:
6. Take out the CD ROM and type exit
7. Or you can re-instal the Windows.

If a particular user cannot add or remove programs

There might be a simple registry edit neeed.

1.Go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Uninstall

2.Change the DWORD NoAddRemovePrograms to 0 disable it

Disabling Balloon Tips

To turn off balloon tips in applications that support XP Themes :
1.Start Regedit

2.Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\

3.Create a DWORD value of EnableBalloonTips

4.Give it a value of 0

Bluescreen on Notebook:

1. Check with the program to open any incidents that arise.

2. Recovery is not a problem for the hammer to save the data. Try re-formatting or re-install without the use of recovery.

3. Usually replaced memory, hard drives be possible. Try re-install disk partition in the other.

4. If still not good, should centere service to the nearest notebook.

Hirarky Registry

Registry consists of several parts called the key or the key. There are six kinds of main key in the registry, namely:

Contains all types of files with assosiasinya each file type will have its own subkey.

Contains information about users who are logged in at the time. Subkey consists of, among others:

a. AppEvents, contains the sound settings for events.
b. Control Panel, contains the settings control panel.
c. InstallLocationMRU, contains the path / location of the Windows master (first time to install Windows).
d. Network, contain information related to the Network or the network.
e. Software, contains about settings or the configuration software to users who log on at that time.
f. RemoteAccess, contains information about the Dial-up Networking.

Contains information about hardware and software settings that apply to all users. Subkey consists of, among others:

a. Enum, contains information about the hardware, for example, on the monitor.
b. Hardware, contains information about the serial port.
c. Network, contain information related to the network for users who are active or logon.
d. Software, provides information and software settings.

Contains information on the desktop and user settings for each user who has the right to log into the computer. Each user has a subkey. If there is only one user name of the subkey is. "Default"

Contains information about the configuration of hardware, related to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Contains information about plug and play.


One of the advantages of Windows is the ease of use. For example, the ease of install, configure up to the feature, plug and play for the hardware.Of course, all the configuration and settings are stored in the operating system, and to store information and various configuration settings, use the Windows registry. Registry is the database used to store all the settings and information about hardware, software and various preferences for Windows 32 bits. One example is someone such as changing the file associations or install a program, then change the settings will be written in the registry. Another example is mendisable Display Properties, hide the various menus on the Start Menu.

Besides as a place to store information about the Windows operating system, the registry is also used as a place to store various settings and configuration information on the application or program. For example, using WinZip registry to store information on the toolbar, the application to open files (viewer), user name, serial number, and others.

Registry placed on two hidden files that user.dat and system.dat located in the Windows directory to Win 95/98/Me/XP and Windows/System32/Config in the directory for Windows NT. In addition to using the registry (system.dat and user.dat), Windows also stores information on the specific settings file msdos.sys, system.ini and win.ini.

99 Run Comands / 99 Perintah pada Run

Accessibility Controls = access.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard = hdwwiz.cpl
Add/Remove Programs = appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools = control admintools
Automatic Updates = wuaucpl.cpl
Bluetooth Transfer Wizard = fsquirt
Calculator = calc
Certificate Manager = certmgr.msc
Character Map = charmap
Check Disk Utility = chkdsk
Clipboard Viewer = clipbrd
Command Prompt = cmd
Component Services = dcomcnfg
Computer Management = compmgmt.msc
Date and Time Properties = timedate.cpl
DDE Shares = ddeshare
Device Manager = devmgmt.msc
Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)* = directx.cpl
Direct X Troubleshooter = dxdiag
Disk Cleanup Utility = cleanmgr
Disk Defragment = dfrg.msc
Disk Management = diskmgmt.msc
Disk Partition Manager = diskpart
Display Properties = control desktop/desk.cpl
Dr. Watson System Troubleshooting Utility= drwtsn32
Driver Verifier Utility = verifier
Event Viewer = eventvwr.msc
File Signature Verification Tool = sigverif
Findfast = findfast.cpl
Folders Properties = control folders
Fonts = control fonts
Fonts Folder = fonts
Free Cell Card Game = freecell
Game Controllers = joy.cpl
Group Policy Editor (XP Prof) = gpedit.msc
Hearts Card Game = mshearts
Iexpress Wizard = iexpress
Indexing Service = ciadv.msc
Internet Properties = inetcpl.cpl
IP Configuration = ipconfig
Java Control Panel (If Installed) = jpicpl32.cpl
Java Application Cache Viewer (If Installed) = javaws
Keyboard Properties = control keyboard
Local Security Settings = secpol.msc
Local Users and Groups = lusrmgr.msc
Logs You Out Of Windows = logoff
Microsoft Chat = winchat
Minesweeper Game = winmine
Mouse Properties = control mouse
Mouse Properties = main.cpl
Network Connections = control netconnections
Network Connections = ncpa.cpl
Network Setup Wizard = netsetup.cpl
Notepad = notepad
Nview Desktop Manager (If Installed) = nvtuicpl.cpl
Object Packager = packager
ODBC Data Source Administrator = odbccp32.cpl
On Screen Keyboard = osk
Opens AC3 Filter (If Installed) = ac3filter.cpl
Password Properties = password.cpl
Performance Monitor = perfmon.msc
Performance Monitor = perfmon
Phone and Modem Options = telephon.cpl
Power Configuration = powercfg.cpl
Printers and Faxes = control printers
Printers Folder = printers
Private Character Editor = eudcedit
Quicktime (If Installed) = QuickTime.cpl
Regional Settings = intl.cpl
Registry Editor = regedit
Registry Editor = regedit32
Remote Desktop = mstsc
Removable Storage = ntmsmgr.msc
Removable Storage Operator Requests = ntmsoprq.msc
Resultant Set of Policy (XP Prof) = rsop.msc
Scanners and Cameras = sticpl.cpl
Scheduled Tasks = control schedtasks
Security Center = wscui.cpl
Services = services.msc
Shared Folders = fsmgmt.msc
Shuts Down Windows = shutdown
Sounds and Audio = mmsys.cpl
Spider Solitare Card Game = spider
SQL Client Configuration = cliconfg
System Configuration Editor = sysedit
System Configuration Utility = msconfig
System File Checker Utility = sfc
System Properties = sysdm.cpl
Task Manager = taskmgr
Telnet Client = telnet
User Account Management = nusrmgr.cpl
Utility Manager = utilman
Windows Firewall = firewall.cpl
Windows Magnifier = magnify
Windows Management Infrastructure = wmimgmt.msc
Windows System Security Tool = syskey
Windows Update Launches = wupdmgr
Windows XP Tour Wizard = tourstart
Wordpad = write

Semoga bermanfaat……….

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Barack Obama of biography

Barrack Hussein Obama, Jr. that is the name of a president to the United States-44 and is the first U.S. president with black. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on 4 August 1961. His father named Barrack Obama, Sr.. and called his mother Ann Dunham. Both her parents divorced when he was aged 2 years. Then his mother married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian citizen. And they stay in Jakarta for 4 years. Barrack Obama moved to Hawaii and live with the parents of his mother Madelyn and Stanley Dunham. He then enrolled at Punahou Academy.

1983, he gained a degree after the transfer of political studies from Occidental College to Columbia University in New York. Going to Harvard Law School and scoring caumlaude in 1991. After graduating he became the teaches law and lawyers. Obama put up a senate in 1996, Illionis and selected.

As a senator were doing various things ranging from social to political interests, including the decision against George W. Bush to make large-scale invasion into Iraq. His career continues to climb and reach the peak when she announced her candidacy to chair the United States presidency. Here he compete with the strict former mother country, namely Hillary Rodham Clinton. Finally, he was nominated as presidential candidate representing the Democratic party. And compete with John McCain.

The campaign against the Republic Party candidate, John McCain, who clearly is not easy for him. U.S. panda hero, a war veteran from the descendants of prominent U.S. Navy (father and grandfather panda is the admiral), had not necessarily be Vietkong and receive punishment communist Vietnam for five years. Obama is far more relatively young (47 years old, Mc Cain 72 years old) and minimal political experience where the panda became a member of the U.S. Congress since 26 years ago. However, once again Barack Obama successfully through the challenges in front of him.

Obama campaign during the 22 months, and eventually Barack Obama has selected all the citizens of the United States as president to -44, and a president's first black history in the United States. The world has been waiting for leadership of a Barack Obama, id change or give him a big change, which is currently facing the world, both in crisis and the global war that is still ongoing. We just wait.

Biografi Barack Obama

Barrack Hussein Obama, Jr itulah nama dari seorang presiden Amerika ke-44 dan merupakan presiden pertama Amerika berkulit hitam. Lahir di Honolulu, Hawai pada 4 Agustus 1961. Ayahnya bernama Barrack Obama, Sr. dan ibunya bernama Ann Dunham. Kedua orang tuanya bercerai ketika dia masih berumur 2 tahun. Kemudian ibunya menikah Lolo Soetoro, seorang warga Indonesia. Dan mereka tinggal di Jakarta selama 4 tahun. Barrack Obama pindah ke Hawaii dan tinggal dengan orang tua ibunya Madelyn dan Stanley Dunham. Dia kemudian didaftarkan di Punahou Academy.

Tahun 1983, dia mendapatkan gelar politiknya setelah mentransfer studinya dari Occidental College ke Columbia University di New York. Masuk ke Harvard Law School dan mendapat nilai caumlaude pada tahun 1991. Setelah lulus ia menjadi pengacara dan mengajar hukum. Obama mencalonkan diri menjadi senat di Illionis dan tahun 1996 terpilih.

Sebagai seorang senator berbagai hal dilakukannya mulai dari kepentingan sosial sampai politik termasuk menentang keputusan George W. Bush melakukan invasi besar-besaran ke Irak. Karirnya terus menanjak dan sampai pada puncaknya ketika dia mengumumkan pencalonan dirinya menuju kursi kepresidenan Amerika Serikat. Di sini dia bersaing ketat dengan mantan ibu Negara yaitu Hillary Rodham Clinton. Akhirnya, dia dinominasikan sebagai kandidat presiden mewakili partai Demokrat. Dan bersaing dengan John McCain.

Kampanye melawan kandidat Partai Republik, John McCain, jelas bukan hal yang mudah baginya. McCain pahlawan AS, seorang veteran perang dari keturunan pembesar Angkatan laut AS (ayah dan kakek McCain adalah admiral), pernah mendekam dipenjara Vietkong dan menerima siksaan komunis Vietnam selama lima tahun. Obama yang relatif jauh lebih muda (47 tahun, Mc Cain 72 tahun) dan minim pengalaman politik dimana McCain menjadi anggota konggres AS sejak 26 tahun lalu. Namun sekali lagi Barack Obama berhasil melalui tantangan didepannya.

Obama mengakhiri kampanyenya selama 22 bulan, dan ahkirnya Barack Obama telah dipilih semua warga negara Amerika Serikat sebagai presiden ke -44 dan seorang presiden yang pertama kulit hitam dalam sejarah Amerika. Dunia telah menunggu kepemimpinan dari seorang Barack Obama, mampukah dia mengubah atau memberi perubahan besar yang saat ini dihadapi dunia, baik pada krisis global dan perang yang masih berkelanjutan. Kita tunggu aja.

Help treat bateray notebook

While this notebook is so popular for the community. The more brand-brand notebook with a very low price for a notebook with a full range of features. However, there appears from the questions from consumers, and the most question about battery notebook. I will give a little explanation about battery notebook based on the questions that often get the notebook users.

1.How long battery survive?
2.How to extend bateray?
3.Is bateray must be removed when connected to electricity?

From these questions, I tried to explained:

1.How long bateray survive?

Bateray notebook will actually survive 300-800 cycles charge / recharge. And the age at the time of starting slowly been assembled and the battery will not be able to supply enough power to your notebook. And will gradually diminish their ability to supply power to the notebook.

In general, notebook battery will last between one to three years. You may be able to slow the decline in ability, but I can not stop the process. The battery temperature, frequency of use and how notebook will affect the long-short battery ages. You can slow this process with some maintenance instructions.
Bateray when the notebook is on the low temperature that can slow the discharge process and the high temperature will shorten the battery age .. Leaving the battery you inserted when connected to the electrical power will cause the temperature inside the battery increases. Remove the battery and store in the cold temperatures will slow the aging process. Leaving the notebook in a hot environment is also not good for the battery.

Batteries in notebook design is used to be around 300-800 cycles charge / discharge and when the notebook is connected to a notebook with the batteries installed are included in this cycle. At the time of the battery is to fill 95% will not be filled again. Removing the battery and store it in the dry and cold will protect some of the cycle.

2.How to extend battery?

a.Not good used out for Li-Ion battery. Should do when re-charging levels have reached 10-20%.
b.Baterai used up before the charged again, each charging 30 times to maintain the accuracy of the elements in the battery.
c.Avoid repetition "Going out" regularly. Li-Ion Battery lose a little more storage capacity when it has not been charged consumables.
d.Should be removed when the battery is stored in a cool and dry. When you remove the battery in a long time should be optimum charging level is 40%, because if charged will cause low permanent damage. And I need to remind you that will buy a new notebook, the battery is fully around a quarter to half.
e.Some experts recommend to save them in the refrigerator. Do not enter into a freezer until frozen. Use a plastic bag closed meetings to avoid the humidity. Leave the battery warming at room temperature before use or want to fill again.

3.Is bateray must be removed when connected to electricity?

In this case, I will only give consideration:

a.Release battery power when connected to the electricity:
- Protecting cycle refills
- Leaving the battery at low temperatures, so the slow process of aging
- Loss of function from the backup battery when the power blackouts
- Data can be lost or damaged even if the backup function without power from the battery
- Need UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to replace the function of the backup

b.Let the battery connected to the electricity power:

- Battery function as a backup if the electricity suddenly dies.
- More efficient and easy to carry
- Batteries need not warm time (as if you saved then placed in ice)
- Lose some of the cycle refills
- The battery temperature increased more rapidly and lead to decreased ability

Hopefully, the explanation that I can provide this benefit for notebook users. Please, if there who want to add or ask . I will add this article in accordance with the input you provide.

Petunjuk Merawat Baterai Notebook

Saat ini notebook sudah begitu popular bagi masyarakat. Semakin banyak merk-merk notebook dengan harga yang begitu rendah bagi sebuah notebook dengan fitur yang lengkap. Namun dari situ muncul pertanyaan dari konsumen, dan yang paling banyak dipertanyakan mengenai bateray notebook. Saya akan memberikan penjelasan sedikit mengenai bateray notebook berdasarkan pertanyaan yang sering dilontarkan oleh para pengguna notebook.

1.Berapa lama bateray bertahan?
2.Cara memperpanjang bateray?
3.Apa bateray harus dilepas ketika terhubung ke listrik?

Dari pertanyaan tersebut, saya mencoba untuk menjelaskannya :

1.Berapa lama bateray bertahan?

Bateray notebook sebenarnya akan bertahan selama 300-800 kali siklus charge/recharge. Dan umurnya dimulai pada saat dirakit dan lambat laun battery tersebut tidak akan mampu mensuplai power yang cukup untuk notebook Anda. Dan secara bertahap akan berkurang kemampuannya untuk mensuplai daya ke notebook.
Secara umum, battery notebook akan bertahan antara satu hingga tiga tahun. Anda mungkin bisa memperlambat penurunan kemampuannya, tapi tidak bisa menghentikan prosesnya. Suhu baterai, cara dan frekuensi pemakaian notebook akan mempengaruhi panjang pendeknya usia baterai. Anda bisa memperlambat proses ini dengan beberapa petunjuk pemeliharaan.
Bateray notebook ketika berada pada suhu yang rendah itu bisa memperlambat proses discharge dan suhu yang tinggi akan memperpendek usia baterai.. Membiarkan baterai Anda terpasang ketika terhubung dengan power listrik akan menyebabkan suhu didalam baterai meningkat. Melepas dan menyimpan baterai pada suhu dingin akan memperlambat proses penuaan. Membiarkan notebook pada lingkungan yang panas juga tidak baik untuk baterai.
Baterai notebook di rancang untuk dapat diguanakan sekitar 300-800 kali siklus charge/discharge dan ketika notebook terhubung ke notebook dengan baterai terpasang sudah termasuk dalam siklus ini. Pada saat baterai sudah mengisi 95% tidak akan terisi lagi. Melepaskan baterai dan menyimpannya dalam tempat yang kering dan dingin akan melindungi beberapa siklus.

2.Cara Memperpanjang Baterai?

a.Pemakaian hingga habis tidak baik untuk baterai Li-Ion. Sebaiknya lakukan pengisian ulang ketika sudah mencapai level 10-20%.
b.Baterai digunakan sampai habis sebelum dicharge lagi, setiap 30 kali pengisian untuk menjaga akurasi elemen didalam baterai.
c.Hindari pengulangan “Pakai habis” yang teratur. Baterai Li-Ion lebih sedikit kehilangan kapasitas penyimpanan ketika dicharge sekalipun belum habis pakai.
d.Sebaiknya baterai ketika dilepas disimpan ditempat yang dingin dan kering. Bila anda akan melepas baterai dalam waktu yang lama sebaiknya level pengisian optimum adalah 40%, karena jika dayanya rendah akan menimbulkan kerusakan permanen. Dan saya perlu ingatkan bagi anda yang akan membeli notebook baru, baterainya sudah terisi sekitar seperempat hingga setengah.
e.Beberapa ahli menyarankan untuk menyimpannya di lemari es. Jangan masukkan kedalam freezer hingga menjadi beku. Gunakan kantong plastik yang tertutup rapat untuk menghindari kelembaban. Biarkan baterai menghangat pada suhu ruangan sebelum dipakai atau mau mengisi lagi.

3.Apa bateray harus dilepas ketika terhubung ke listrik?

Dalam kasus ini, saya hanya akan memberikan pertimbangan :

a.Melepas baterai ketika terhubung dengan power listrik :
Keuntungannya :
Melindungi siklus isi ulang
Membiarkan baterai pada suhu rendah, sehingga memperlambat proses penuaan
Kerugiannya :
Kehilangan fungsi backup dari baterai ketika power listrik mati
Data bisa hilang atau bahkan rusak jika tanpa fungsi backup power dari baterai
Perlu UPS (uninterruptible power supply) untuk menggantikan fungsi backup

b.Membiarkan baterai terhubung dengan power listrik :

Keuntungannya :
Baterai berfungsi sebagai cadangan jika listrik tiba-tiba mati.
Lebih mudah dan efisien untuk dibawa
Baterai tidak perlu waktu penghangatan (seperti jika disimpan dilemari es)
Kerugiannya :
Kehilangan sebagian siklus isi ulang
Suhu baterai meningkat dan mengakibatkan lebih cepat menurun kemampuannya

Semoga penjelasan yang saya berikan ini dapat bermanfaat bagi pengguna notebook. Silahkan jika ada yang ingin menambahkan atau bertanya.Saya akan tambahkan artikel ini sesuai dengan masukan yang Anda berikan.

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process or how to optimize websites or blogs that we have to be shown on the search engine is good search engine Google, Yahoo, and MSN, this process can also be used to increase traffic to the website / blog us. Website / blog that has a high rank will usually be placed on the first page of search results from search engines.

So SEO that lead us to put the website / blog at least we are in the first page of search results search engine. SEO is the process to create a website with relevant search engine. And all that can be achieved with 2 ways to do that is with the study of the keywords that we will use the website and a link to the website. With many traffik to come to a website indicates how important the website is on the search engines. Search engines will see that our website is quite important for the website, another website that links to me, that means the website will also ranked first in the list of search engines.

In a very fundamental SEO is the use of appropriate keywords in the website / blog and our website, which many refer to webste to us then that is great opportunity for us to receive a higher ranking for example, the Google page Rank. All this is how we use this technique, how to get ranked high. One thing to remember here is that if we want to put the website we have a good ranking in search engines using SEO techniques.

Still confused?, Is the principal SEO techniques to get high traffic to a website / blog using keyword-specific keywords. Keyword-keyword later that this will be the bait to attract the netter when they search through the search engine. And that all need proses.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Earth Structure

Earth layered structure. (1) inner core; (2) outer core; (3) lower mantle; (4) uppper mantle; (5) lithosphere; (6) crust

Advances in seismology, computer modelling, and mineralogy and crystallography at high temperatures and pressures give insights into the internal composition and structure of the Earth.

Earth layered structure. Typical wave paths from earthquakes like these gave early seismologists insights into the layered structure of the Earth

Seismologists can use the arrival times of seismic waves in reverse to image the interior of the Earth. Early advances in this field showed the existence of a liquid outer core (where shear waves were not able to propagate) and a dense solid inner core. These advances led to the development of a layered model of the Earth, with a crust and lithosphere on top, the mantle below (separated within itself by seismic discontinuities at 410 and 660 kilometers), and the outer core and inner core below that. More recently, seismologists have been able to create detailed images of wave speeds inside the earth in the same way a doctor images a body in a CT scan. These images have led to a much more detailed view of the interior of the Earth, and have replaced the simplified layered model with a much more dynamic model.

The seismically-imaged Farallon Plate subducting beneath North America. The only remnants of this plate on the Surface are the Juan de Fuca Plate and Explorer plate in the Northwestern USA / Southwestern Canada, and the Cocos Plate on the west coast of Mexico.

Mineralogists have been able to use the pressure and temperature data from the seismic and modelling studies alongside knowledge of the elemental composition of the Earth at depth to reproduce these conditions in experimental settings and measure changes in crystal structure. These studies explain the chemical changes associated with the major seismic discontinuities in the mantle, and show the crystallographic structures expected in the inner core of the Earth.

What Does a Geologist Do?

Geologists work to understand the history of our planet. The better they can understand Earth’s history the better they can foresee how events and processes of the past might influence the future. Here are two examples:

Volcanic Mudflow Hazard Map by USGS
1) The processes acting upon the Earth cause hazards such as landslides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Geologists are working to understand these processes well enough to avoid building important structures where they will be damaged. If geologists learn a lot about volcanic mudflows of the past then that information can be very useful in predicting the dangerous areas where volcanic mudflows might strike in the future. The map at right shows areas that are thought to be at risk from future mudflows around Mount Rainier. Intelligent people should be cautions when considering activities or property development in these areas. (Click on the map to see greater detail.)

2) Geologists have worked hard to learn that oil and natural gas form from organic materials deposited along the margins of continents and in shallow seas upon the continents. They have also learned to recognize the types of rock that are deposited in these near-shore environments. This knowledge enables them to recoginze potential oil and natural gas source rocks. In the photo below oil field workers are placing a tool into an oil exploration well. This tool will be lowered down the hole and will record tiny amounts of radioactivity released from the rocks below (rocks rich in organic materials frequently contain tiny amounts of radioactive materials). The information obtained from the tool will help them assess the oil and natural gas production potential of the rocks below. If they do these tests at many locations within a region they might be able to map an oil or natural gas field.

What is Geology?

Geology is the study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made, the structure of those materials, and the processes acting upon them. It includes the study of the organisms which inhabit our planet. A very important part of geology is the study of how Earth’s materials, structures, processes and organisms have changed over time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

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