Saturday, December 6, 2008


One of the advantages of Windows is the ease of use. For example, the ease of install, configure up to the feature, plug and play for the hardware.Of course, all the configuration and settings are stored in the operating system, and to store information and various configuration settings, use the Windows registry. Registry is the database used to store all the settings and information about hardware, software and various preferences for Windows 32 bits. One example is someone such as changing the file associations or install a program, then change the settings will be written in the registry. Another example is mendisable Display Properties, hide the various menus on the Start Menu.

Besides as a place to store information about the Windows operating system, the registry is also used as a place to store various settings and configuration information on the application or program. For example, using WinZip registry to store information on the toolbar, the application to open files (viewer), user name, serial number, and others.

Registry placed on two hidden files that user.dat and system.dat located in the Windows directory to Win 95/98/Me/XP and Windows/System32/Config in the directory for Windows NT. In addition to using the registry (system.dat and user.dat), Windows also stores information on the specific settings file msdos.sys, system.ini and win.ini.

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