Friday, December 12, 2008

Interior Design Society To Offer Design Technology Training In High Point

By: Furniture World Magazine

The Interior Design Society announced that they will be offering a series of training seminars that will focus on design-related computer technologies. These seminars will begin this October market and will cover many topics that will address the needs of interior design professionals trying to compete in an ever-changing high-tech world.
Pamela White, Chief Executive of the Interior Design Society said that their members need and want to learn new skills that they will be able to adopt in their own professional lives. “In listening to our designers in the field, they are looking for resources that will help them take that creative ‘vision’ in their heads and turn it into a ‘visual presentation’ that will help their clients see, understand and ultimately want that design vision”.
The first in the Design Technology series will focus on using ViewIT’s, an internet-based application that lets the designer customize their client’s project spaces in a virtual world. Using 3-D models of real products and materials they can quickly see how all the design elements work together in the space, and then create a professional presentation – complete with visuals to help in selling the project. “3Dream is an amazing piece of technology, and the ability to ‘see it’ before they (the clients) ‘buy it’ will make a huge difference in increasing the designer’s profits and client satisfaction”, Pamela added.
While seminars at markets may introduce or simply mention various pieces of technology, it is not the same as actually having a hands-on experience, and walking away with a much-desired skill they can use as soon as they get home. All attendees will receive 1month free access to, and may win a full year by competing in the “Speed Design” competition – a $400 value. Future training seminars will include Power Point for presentations, QuickBooks for designers, Cool Web sites for designers and other relevant topics.
The 3Dream training seminars will take place on Monday Oct. 20th during the High Point market, and held at the Interior Design Society’s new facilities on the 8th floor of the Radio Building (Commerce and Elm). The cost is $59 ($49 for IDS members) and includes computer equipment. Seating is limited, with reservations required. The 2-hour classes are open to anyone in the design and retail industries wanting to offer their customers more. Co-sponsored by Greenhouse Design Fabrics.
For more information, or to sign up call Erin Woody, IDS Director of Education at

(888) 884-4469 ext. 224, or email


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