Sunday, December 7, 2008

Few of the Open source

written by: Samuel Prakoso

Keeping in the Era of Open Source

Open Source is a new system of distributing software to provide users with the program and its source code for free! Even users can learn and make modifications to the software in accordance with their needs.
Richard M. Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, an organization that supports the Open Source, issued a license for the software, called Open Source GPL (GNU Public License). License is currently the most widely used to distribute software Open Source. In addition to LPG, there are many others that license the software developed by the Open Source community.

Here are the advantages of Open Source software:

The user side:

* Free
* Users can be involved in the development of the program because it has
* Source code of its
* A good response from the user so that the bug can be found and
* Repaired more quickly.

Side developers:

* All the communities want and can help to make your software
* Become better
* No advertising costs and treatment programs
* As a means to introduce the concept of you

Linux is a good example. Many operating system that seeks to mimic the success story of Linux, but Linux remains the most successful to date. The positive aspects of Open Source is a broad acceptance for the software that is really good. But the advantage was not enough, especially for people who are working with the program (a programmer), they need money to continue the development of their software (and to eat, of course).
Perhaps some of the readers think, this is insane, if we share, we share the software with free, how can we survive? How can we make money? But wait, there are several ways that can be used to generate money from the economy this Open Source. But it is important to note that software is only good that can survive and make money, the program can not survive bad (unless you force people to buy them!). Here are a few of them:

* Selling the program and the source code and manual book in a box, the program
* Is free if users want to download them yourself, but
* Users must pay to get a commercial product.
* Selling additional programs that utilize high-level technical programs
* Open Source you.
* Sale and technical support to help users use the product
* It.
* Selling services to customize the program in accordance with the needs of users.
* On the ads on the software.
* Looking for sponsorship from companies associated with software
* Made.

That is a small example of how money from the Open Source software, as you can imagine, the Open Source not only benefit the users, but also profitable for developers. I think this is a win-win solution. So how are you?

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