Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hirarky Registry

Registry consists of several parts called the key or the key. There are six kinds of main key in the registry, namely:

Contains all types of files with assosiasinya each file type will have its own subkey.

Contains information about users who are logged in at the time. Subkey consists of, among others:

a. AppEvents, contains the sound settings for events.
b. Control Panel, contains the settings control panel.
c. InstallLocationMRU, contains the path / location of the Windows master (first time to install Windows).
d. Network, contain information related to the Network or the network.
e. Software, contains about settings or the configuration software to users who log on at that time.
f. RemoteAccess, contains information about the Dial-up Networking.

Contains information about hardware and software settings that apply to all users. Subkey consists of, among others:

a. Enum, contains information about the hardware, for example, on the monitor.
b. Hardware, contains information about the serial port.
c. Network, contain information related to the network for users who are active or logon.
d. Software, provides information and software settings.

Contains information on the desktop and user settings for each user who has the right to log into the computer. Each user has a subkey. If there is only one user name of the subkey is. "Default"

Contains information about the configuration of hardware, related to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.

Contains information about plug and play.

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