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History of Linux

History of Linux

Embryo birth linux starts at the end of 1960 on a company AT & T (American Telephone and Telegraph). At that time, AT & T is collaborating with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), working with the operating system called "multics." Multics have many problems, is the biggest problem that issued the high cost to run it on Mainframe General Electric (GE 645). Any further developments to be unsatisfactory.
However the use of the Multics still be maintained because of the ability to offer Multi (together). The programmers must work together and exchange information easily, and they want to be separated from the problem in cost. Along with the development of the financial and competitive, the group tried to find a suitable replacement for multics.
Ken Thompson, one of the members of the group, AT & T, began designing a game called "Space travel", unfortunately, this also games of the costs spent to be played. When Thompson found a digital computer PDP-7, along with friend Dennis Ritchie course, they rewrite the game in assembler and move them by using paper tape. In the development of the game they have put the "command interpreter" and a number of basic commands to copy and move files, fie.
Early 1970, Brian Kerningham, a developer from other AT & T proposed the name "Unix" as another word from the Minix (equipment to teach programming). The reporting an embryo an operating system called "Unix". Team Unix developers ask PDP-11 computer to the management of AT & T, the engine that is more a respite from the PDP-7, but the cheaper cost of all that they should remove before.
Unix source of all it code made with the C language is easier to developer so in a short period of Unix may be growing, and two flow formation: namely that of Unix developed by the University of Berkeley and developed the AT & T. The longer, more and more companies participating involved, so there was competition among companies to hold control of the system operasi.Competition a need for quality standards, so was born the project named 'POSIX' suport by the IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) specifications that will set the standard Unix. in fact, with these standards can not stay lull the competition that arose that resulted from the different variants of Unix.
Minix source code is created as a variant of Unix created by Andy and S Tanembaum for the purpose of education is to be Linus Torvalds as a reference to Opeating create a system that can work as the Unix computer 386. In making Linux, Linus using tools from the Free Software Foundation's GNU that license. So that the new operating system generally intact, Linus also add programs that license GNU. Linus created Linux as a hobby eventually produce the first version of Linux, the Linux version 0.0.1, after the improvement in the 0:02 version of Linux and is the official first announced widely to the public. Oct. 5 at the 1991 Linus announced the code source.
Linux can already released the first run bash shell, the GNU C compiler, GNU make, the GNU Sed, etc. completed. This project linux commandeer the attention of so many programmers in the entire world that eventually participate to develop linux. 'Linux' so can the hacker is a project that is very valuable in history - and freely distributed source code and its world wide.

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