Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tribe of Toraja

Toraja tribe is the tribe that settled in the mountainous northern part of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Population is estimated around 600,000 people. They also lived in a flat Luwu and West Sulawesi.

Toraja first name given by the Bugis from Sidenreng and Luwu. People Sidenreng labeling of the population of this area with a Riaja to the meaning, "People who stayed in the country or on the mountain," people are compelled to Luwu Riajang means is that "people who dwelt in the west." There is also another version of that word's origin Toraya = But (people), from the word Raya = Maraya (large), meaning most people, noblemen. Old-started Toraja designation has become, and the word means Tana country, so that the residence Toraja tribe known then by Tana Toraja.

Tana Toraja region also held Tondok Lili'na Lepongan Bulan Tana Matari'allo meaning harfiahnya is "State of round as the moon and sun." This area is inhabited by one ethnic group (ethnicity Toraja).

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