Thursday, December 18, 2008

Greening Your Ho-Ho-Ho

by : Penny Bonda

My friend, Trudy Dujardin, a truly green and elegant interior designer, sent me a holiday card with a list of suggestions for a sustainable holiday season. I thought they were so good I’m passing them on to you.

Simple Steps for a Sustainable Holiday Season
  1. A gift is a thoughtful gesture and the same sentiment can be shown in sustainable ways. Consider exchanging time instead of gifts with the elderly or lonely during the holiday season, or making a sustainable donation to a local charity with the money you save.
  2. Put your money to work helping others and the planet with a life-changing gift such as Heifer International or Christian Children's Fund.
  3. Be socially conscious with gifts that promote fair trade.
  4. Use energy-efficient, LED holiday lights to add sparkle. (Install a timer!)
  5. Give locally made products, help reduce the impact of transportation.
  6. Purchase greeting cards printed on recycled materials with vegetable-based, non-toxic inks, or send email greetings.
  7. Give gifts such as gift certificates or theater tickets--they don't require a lot of gift wrapping. Avoid wrapping with glossy or metallic paper. Colorful fabric or reusable gift bags are an environmentally friendly alternative.
  8. Choose toys that do not require batteries; instead choose gifts that stimulate a child's imagination without impacting the environment.

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