Friday, December 26, 2008

Kangean Energy Indonesia

Safety, Health & Environment

Kangean takes safety, health and environment issues seriously. It is reflected in the company's accomplishment and what it strives for in these fields.

- accident free operation & maintenance activities
- KEI safety achieved 15.000.000 hours without LTA (Loss Time Accident) in O&M (Operation & Maintenance) activities
- Awarded Indonesia's most caring companies 2006 (Warta Ekonomi Safety Award)

- Provides healthy and safe work environment for employees
- Monitors noise level in work place
- Provides PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for employees
- Monitors employees' health condition on regular basis

- KEI holds ISO - 14001 since 2001
- Rehabilitated the coast of pagerungan Island by way of Mangrove planting

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