Thursday, December 4, 2008

Help treat bateray notebook

While this notebook is so popular for the community. The more brand-brand notebook with a very low price for a notebook with a full range of features. However, there appears from the questions from consumers, and the most question about battery notebook. I will give a little explanation about battery notebook based on the questions that often get the notebook users.

1.How long battery survive?
2.How to extend bateray?
3.Is bateray must be removed when connected to electricity?

From these questions, I tried to explained:

1.How long bateray survive?

Bateray notebook will actually survive 300-800 cycles charge / recharge. And the age at the time of starting slowly been assembled and the battery will not be able to supply enough power to your notebook. And will gradually diminish their ability to supply power to the notebook.

In general, notebook battery will last between one to three years. You may be able to slow the decline in ability, but I can not stop the process. The battery temperature, frequency of use and how notebook will affect the long-short battery ages. You can slow this process with some maintenance instructions.
Bateray when the notebook is on the low temperature that can slow the discharge process and the high temperature will shorten the battery age .. Leaving the battery you inserted when connected to the electrical power will cause the temperature inside the battery increases. Remove the battery and store in the cold temperatures will slow the aging process. Leaving the notebook in a hot environment is also not good for the battery.

Batteries in notebook design is used to be around 300-800 cycles charge / discharge and when the notebook is connected to a notebook with the batteries installed are included in this cycle. At the time of the battery is to fill 95% will not be filled again. Removing the battery and store it in the dry and cold will protect some of the cycle.

2.How to extend battery?

a.Not good used out for Li-Ion battery. Should do when re-charging levels have reached 10-20%.
b.Baterai used up before the charged again, each charging 30 times to maintain the accuracy of the elements in the battery.
c.Avoid repetition "Going out" regularly. Li-Ion Battery lose a little more storage capacity when it has not been charged consumables.
d.Should be removed when the battery is stored in a cool and dry. When you remove the battery in a long time should be optimum charging level is 40%, because if charged will cause low permanent damage. And I need to remind you that will buy a new notebook, the battery is fully around a quarter to half.
e.Some experts recommend to save them in the refrigerator. Do not enter into a freezer until frozen. Use a plastic bag closed meetings to avoid the humidity. Leave the battery warming at room temperature before use or want to fill again.

3.Is bateray must be removed when connected to electricity?

In this case, I will only give consideration:

a.Release battery power when connected to the electricity:
- Protecting cycle refills
- Leaving the battery at low temperatures, so the slow process of aging
- Loss of function from the backup battery when the power blackouts
- Data can be lost or damaged even if the backup function without power from the battery
- Need UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to replace the function of the backup

b.Let the battery connected to the electricity power:

- Battery function as a backup if the electricity suddenly dies.
- More efficient and easy to carry
- Batteries need not warm time (as if you saved then placed in ice)
- Lose some of the cycle refills
- The battery temperature increased more rapidly and lead to decreased ability

Hopefully, the explanation that I can provide this benefit for notebook users. Please, if there who want to add or ask . I will add this article in accordance with the input you provide.

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