Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process or how to optimize websites or blogs that we have to be shown on the search engine is good search engine Google, Yahoo, and MSN, this process can also be used to increase traffic to the website / blog us. Website / blog that has a high rank will usually be placed on the first page of search results from search engines.

So SEO that lead us to put the website / blog at least we are in the first page of search results search engine. SEO is the process to create a website with relevant search engine. And all that can be achieved with 2 ways to do that is with the study of the keywords that we will use the website and a link to the website. With many traffik to come to a website indicates how important the website is on the search engines. Search engines will see that our website is quite important for the website, another website that links to me, that means the website will also ranked first in the list of search engines.

In a very fundamental SEO is the use of appropriate keywords in the website / blog and our website, which many refer to webste to us then that is great opportunity for us to receive a higher ranking for example, the Google page Rank. All this is how we use this technique, how to get ranked high. One thing to remember here is that if we want to put the website we have a good ranking in search engines using SEO techniques.

Still confused?, Is the principal SEO techniques to get high traffic to a website / blog using keyword-specific keywords. Keyword-keyword later that this will be the bait to attract the netter when they search through the search engine. And that all need proses.

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