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Civil Engineering Online Schools

Online Civil Engineering Schools provide courses of study in academics for acquiring associate, bachelor, and master degrees. Civil Engineering School programs focus strongly on sciences, and engineers use acquired scientific knowledge to solve practical and technological problems in the process of design and development. Civil engineering can involve some or all factors of design, construction, research, and education.

Civil Engineering Schools are responsible for teaching civil engineering students the responsibilities they must take on for the design and supervision of construction of buildings, roads, buildings, tunnels, dams, bridges, and water supply and sewage systems. In the processes of designing and executing a project, the civil engineer must take into consideration state and federal government regulations and potential environmental hazards that a particular construction may encounter, such as stresses of earthquakes, flooding, or strong winds.

Online Civil Engineering Schools are designed for working adults, and degrees can be completed in less than two years. The Associate Degree of Science in Civil Engineering can be attained without previous experience in engineering. All that is required is a high school diploma or GED. Students in Online Civil Engineering School programs will be expected to master the subjects needed for entry-level positions in civil engineering fields. Courses will include math, physics, chemistry, surveying, structural design, highway design and construction, and much more. Books, lessons, learning aids and equipment for hands-on experience will be included in Online Civil Engineering School studies.

Programs for Master Degrees in Civil Engineering Schools provide students with the technical skills needed for advanced engineering design and management. Master degrees are offered in specialized areas of civil engineering that include structural engineering, transportation, geotechnical, and environmental resources engineering. Some online master degrees in civil engineering may require a short period of residency study.

Civil Engineer Schools train for taking on supervisory roles at construction sites, and for assumption of administrative positions as city engineers. Civil Engineering Schools also train for responsibilities of maintaining quality, estimating time and cost, and completion of projects.

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