Thursday, January 15, 2009

Insurance Quotes and Rates for 2009

by Adam Alter

The insurance industry is reporting that insurance premiums across the board have increased an average of 6% entering 2009. Studies show the main factors that increases premiums are claims and business costs, but inflation plays its part as well.

For example, in the health insurance sector two major issues are driving costs up. One is that people living unhealthy lives and having more claims. The second is that the cost of health care is rising due to sue happy consumers. All we typically hear about in the news is the patient that was screwed over or mistreated. At the same time, even though it's not as news worthy, there are lots of frivolous and ridiculous lawsuits of people wanting to blame their doctor for their problems.

As expected, this is causing many to look for discount plans from the self-employed to the corporate groups small and large.

To continue using the health care industry as an example, the health insurance companies are trying to keep their insurance quotes competitive. These insurance companies are fighting back and attempting to direct consumers down a healthier path. By offering better coverage on routine checkups and recommended test procedures for conditions by age and high risk categories, they can increase early diagnosis which can often decrease the degree of treatment required. This saves money for everyone as well as pain and even potential deaths of the consumers.

To some it may sound extreme that they must push us for regular checkups and to think twice about everything we do in our lives as to whether or not it's considered "healthy". However, this is all they're left with in order to continue being able to stay in business and consumers be able to continue paying for their insurance. What this presents to those comparing insurance quotes to find the best rates and coverage is more fine print and policy details to take into account. Be more responsible in finding the right plan rather than jumping into a policy that leaves you uncovered when you need it most.

Some people in all sectors are opting for policies with very high deductibles to just cover an extreme case that could bury them financially. They're paying out of pocket for their needs such as with small auto repairs, or health checkups and if there's an emergency they're covered. This makes people be more responsible for their lives rather than paying an insurance company and milking everything they can from it. The advise when going this route is to go with the highest deductible you could possibly afford with home insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, and the many insurance types under and between those main categories.

Other than raising deductibles and reducing claims, the best way for the consumer to save the most amount of money is to compare their rates regularly with what is out there available. Websites like have free services that will pull insurance quotes from multiple providers allowing quick and easy comparisons of rates and coverage. There's no obligation and no spam attached to filling out a profile.

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