Wednesday, October 29, 2008

20 different editions for Windows 7

One of the major problems customers face when upgrading to or purchasing a copy of Windows Vista is the so called “edition chaos”. Windows Vista was released in so many editions that it was complicated to find the most suitable edition for one’s needs. Many users fear that Microsoft will continue the trend of releasing lots of editions. Some would even go so far to estimate that the number of editions for Microsoft’s next operating system will exceed the number of editions of Windows Vista. Boing Boing mocked the edition chaos by announcing that Windows 7 would ship in 20 different editions using elusive names including Windows 7 Home Basic Premium, Windows 7 Big Business and one of our favorites the Windows 7 Penultimate edition.

The most likely scenario is that Microsoft will release about the same editions that shipped at the release of Windows Vista. Screenshots of current Windows 7 builds display the version that Microsoft is shipping to its partners as Windows 7 Ultimate which could be a hint that we will see a Windows 7 Ultimate edition. If Microsoft stays true to that strategy they will most likely release editions like Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Business as well.

The interesting question is if Microsoft will increase or reduce the amount of editions of Windows 7. What is your opinion on the matter? Will it be more or less?

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