Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Public Windows 7 Beta is Expected in December

Good news for everyone who cannot wait to get their hands on the upcoming Microsoft operating system. According to Mary-Jo Foley at ZDnet Microsoft is planning to run a public beta test of Windows 7 beta 1 at the end of this year. It was rumored that participants of Microsoft’s two developer conferences in October and November (Professional Developers Conference (PDC) Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC)) would be the first to receive beta versions of the Windows 7 operating system. The most likely scenario would be that participants of the conferences will receive a preview build of Windows 7, a beta beta probably.

It is not yet known how the public Windows 7 beta will be delivered to the public. Rumors are that Microsoft will use the Microsoft Connect service to administrate the test and signup beta testers. Good news is there will be a public beta of Windows 7 pretty soon. Question is, will you install it or wait for the release candidates or final release instead?

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