Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Final Day of Busby SEO Challenge

1 day next this busby seo challenge competition will ending, tomorrow we will know the champion, tomorrow we will know who has best ability in SEO.

Actually, contest like this can’t prove us as a SEO Master, because this is in short time, SEO master will made the website on top search enggine result in long time, they will make their website on top position everytime.

I know many technique to make top position on search enggine result with this busby seo challenge keyword. Some of them are quick and accurate, yes Buy link is simple quick and easy way to got million backlink instanly.

My idea.. the real winner is who that still on top position on next 4 or 5 month after this busby seo challenge finish. You knw why? yes because after this busby seo challenge end, all paid backlink and contributon backlink from supportter wil release. They will lose many backlink. So then we will know who real champion after that.

Don’t be anggry, i still believe who on top position on this busby seo challenge competition tommorow is the champion too. they can make best position in short time, they have good and best SEO skilled.

I still have time to try to make my busby seo challenge website on better position. Let’s see tommorow on busby seo challenge finish line.

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